• July 19, 2021

I didn’t mean that Facebook is killing people – HotAir

Of course it is not killing people. It is simply exposing them to false information that will lead them to become vulnerable to a disease that could kill them. Great moral difference. Well, legally, at least. God, it sure looked like Biden was accusing Facebook of killing people on Friday: Reporter: “What is your message…

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Thread Shows How White House Comments Today On Facebook And Other Social Media Platforms Could Help Trump Lawsuits – twitchy.com

As we’ve been telling you all afternoon, the Biden administration is under fire for comments made today about how they are pressuring Facebook to censor users for alleged vaccine misinformation: ‘This Doesn’t Make It Better’: Jen Psaki’s Justifications For Telling Social Media Companies Who To Censor Are More Than Disturbing https://t.co/hM0C5wVnqO – Team Twitchy (@TwitchyTeam)…

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