• July 29, 2021

Yes to freedom and no to living in a “Faucian dystopia” – HotAir

A top-notch applause line here, according to the merchandise for their “Don’t Fauci My Florida” campaign. DeSantis understands that Fauci has risen to the status of the pandemic’s main villain for right-handers and is eager to take advantage of that. (Interestingly, Fauci seems to have understood as well.) Positioning yourself as the anti-Fauci is an…

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“It’s horrible” to see people at CPAC cheer on the government that doesn’t meet its vaccination targets – HotAir

When he’s right, he’s right. Consider this a sequel to Friday’s post about the widening gap in vaccination rates between Blue Counties and Red Counties. There is no miraculous explanation for why such a gap exists, but one factor is the willingness of the right to promote anti-vaccines on its activist and media platforms. Case…

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