• August 9, 2021

AOC on the Schumer Challenge: Who Knows? – Hot air

There is less to this than meets the eye, but it is not any any. CNN to highlight Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tonight To be with Dana Bash, building on her momentum over the eviction moratorium victory over the Biden White House. This interview took place in June, well before the moratorium clash, but it cannot be…

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NYPD ‘Slave Hunters’ Hurt Left Activists Protecting Occupied Retail Property – twitchy.com

Confession: We are not exactly sure what happens in these videos, but what we are getting is that the activists were trying to prevent the police from evicting the squatters who had been accosted on an empty retail property that they claimed as “community space. “. “The vacancy is the negligence of the community,” the…

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