• August 17, 2021

Hey, “no plan is perfect” – HotAir

We first had Joe Biden doing a Chip Diller impression yesterday afternoon. Today, John Kirby offers the Otter Defense for the catastrophic performance of the administration in Afghanistan. No wonder this administration staggering, as Kirby did this morning on MSNBC. Kirby tried to say Good morning joe that the administration game planned the final stages…

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Pentagon Announces 3,500-4,000 Soldiers To Be Deployed In Afghanistan; Air transport plans ‘are getting under way’ – RedState

Pentagon press secretary John Kirby held a briefing Thursday afternoon to confirm what was first reported Thursday morning: that troops are heading to Afghanistan to evacuate United States embassy staff. United in Kabul, and provided more details on the number of troops and their current locations. .@PentagonPresSec I just said that the numbers are in…

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