• July 19, 2021

George Takei advises supporters what to do ‘if a Republican invokes MLK’ – twitchy.com

We are not sure when George Takei made the transition from actor to political expert. Probably because the transition has been so smooth! Check out how brilliant this version of the Republicans is: If a Republican invokes MLK, he is trying to deceive you. You should turn it off right there. – George Takei (@GeorgeTakei)…

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Tom Nichols almost admitted defeat after Jay Caruso challenges him to defend his claim that ‘Democrats are the best stewards of the Constitution’

Tom Nichols doesn’t need fireworks on July 4th. Not when you can easily burn yourself from your own hot shots. Look what he wrote yesterday: People on the left ask me how the left contributed to where we are. That’s a long answer that includes “read Mark Lilla”, but I would add: – Much of…

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