• August 19, 2021

State Department requires $ 2,000 from Americans for flights home from Kabul, plus from non-Americans – HotAir

Can Americans stranded in the new caliphate get their COVID stimulus checks in the form of airfare vouchers to escape the assassination of the Taliban? This It seems that the state is shaking people at the Kabul airport for bribes so they can get on flights. Not so. But given the scale of mismanagement we’re…

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‘That’s a disaster’! Will Americans evacuated from Kabul each end up owing ‘$ 2,000 or more’ for it? – twitchy.com

Americans and others are being slowly evacuated from Kabul airport, although the Pentagon says some of the flights are only half full because the Taliban are blocking access (although President Biden insisted yesterday that they are “cooperating”). Will Americans who are evacuated on American military planes due to the Biden administration’s disastrous lack of plan…

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