• August 11, 2021

Tax the non-empty | Monthly Washington

Protesters rally in front of City Hall against Covid-19 vaccines and mandates for people to get vaccinated, New York, NY, August 9, 2021 (Anthony Behar / Sipa USA) (Sipa via AP Images) More than 700,000 People are flooding the badlands of South Dakota this week for what is sure to be the COVID-19 superpreader event…

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Whinyass Brat Ron DeSantis whining like Whinyass Brat again

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is a fucking whiny brat. There we said it. We have been holding back haha, no we haven’t. You know what preschoolers and conservative white men do when they’re about to collapse, and their faces start to wrinkle, and they know it’s coming, they can’t control it, but they don’t really…

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It sure would be nice if Republicans grew up and got their fucking COVID shots

Remember how Joe Biden, the president of the United States, set a goal to vaccinate 70 percent of Americans by July 4, so that we could declare independence from this damn virus? Yes, uh, well. The country as a whole has not reached the benchmark, as 67 percent of the population over 18 years of…

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