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  • August 15, 2021

The madness of ‘true crime’ turns sin into a spectacle

(Alexey_M / Getty Images) People are not mere tools. Not for entertainment or propaganda. Human Issues have long been marked by chaos and violence. The reign of King Richard II (1377-1399) is instructive not because it was unique but because, historically speaking, it was not. The ruthless Parliament (1388), controlled by the Appellant of Lords,…

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Cities that reduced misdemeanor arrests also saw fewer police shootings

In response to nationwide protests last summer over the murder of George Floyd by police, many cities and states have tried to shift their focus from policing. One such strategy is to make fewer arrests for misdemeanors in an effort to reduce the number of potentially violent encounters between the police and the public. Virginia,…

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Americans are concerned about crime, but that doesn’t mean they’re blaming the Democrats

Welcome to Pollapalooza, our weekly survey summary. Increased rates of homicide, aggravated assault and car theft they have increased concern about crime among the American public. According to the survey YouGov / The EconomistThe proportion of Americans who say that crime is the most important problem facing the United States has increased since President Biden…

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