• July 26, 2021

Devin Nunes Says Democrats Are Going To Create Fake Biden Holograms To Make It Sound Smart Like Trump’s ‘Best Words’ Ever

BREAK! Joe Biden is a hologram, and Kamala Harris is a computer-generated image, and Devin Nunes is … completely sane and in control of all his faculties. Wearing his best “smell a fart smile” (just look at it, you’ll see), the Republican congressman from California complained to Fox’s Maria Bartiromo about the manifest injustice of…

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Sonic The Hedgehog Smut Floods Trump’s Twitter Clone GETTR

Sonic memes and a wide variety of other shitty posts are flooding the newly launched conservative microblogging platform GETTR.Picture: GETTR / Sega / Kotaku / Sean Gallup (fake images) Nary one month after dramatic implosion of the former president (and current Twitter refugee) From Donald Trump blogger career attempt, the authoritarian septuagenarian’s “team” of resourceful…

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Americans rank last among 46 countries that trust the media

A new survey from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism in Oxford shows that Americans rank last out of 46 countries in the level of trust they have in the media. “The United States ranks last in confidence in the media, with 29%, among 92,000 consumers of news surveyed in 46 countries,” Poynter.…

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