• August 20, 2021

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick found the real source of COVID, and it’s black people

Texas is in the midst of a coronavirus surge, helped by Governor Greg Abbott’s outright ban on mask and vaccine mandates. The state has lost more than 53,000 residents to the disease and they are rapidly running out of ICU beds. Earlier this month, the State Department of Health Services requested five mortuary trailers be…

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Republicans really don’t like Democrats fighting

Proponents of obstructionism in the Senate are either Republicans who enjoy blocking progressive legislation or Democrats who still believe in bipartisanship (ie, “fools”). People are free to debate the merits of filibuster, but it is obvious that the principles behind which Republican supporters hide are just sophisms. We know this from the way they have…

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Texas Democrats flee state by private plane to stop integrity vote in Republican elections

On Monday, Texas Democrats fled the state on an unmasked flight from Texas to Washington DC to deny a quorum and prevent passage of a Republican-backed electoral integrity bill. And they brought Miller Lite beer with them on the bus to the airport. RELATED: Chris Wallace confronts Texas Governor Abbott on Republican voting law: ‘Is…

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