• August 22, 2021

Alice: Asylum’s ‘narrative scheme’ might be the closest thing to American McGee’s Alice 3 fans

It’s been a long time since anything substantial has been heard about Alice: Asylum, aka American McGee’s Alice 3, the dark action-platformer version of Alice in Wonderland. Now creator American McGee has released a full ‘narrative outline’ for the game, so fans can experience the full story of Asylum, which is great, because the game…

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The Half-Life 2 community gathers to break its maximum player count for reasons

The Half-Life 2 community has come together to break the record for maximum concurrent player count for one of the best FPS ever made, pushing the total from a lousy 6,882 to over 16K, which is certainly much more respectable. Why did the community do this? To see if it could be done, it seems.…

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