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  • July 18, 2021

Pastor who was tried for making offensive comments about Islam dies at 84

James McConnell’s trial for calling Islam “pagan” and “satanic” is one of the lowest points in modern British history. How many imams have called Judaism, Christianity, or Hinduism “pagan” or “satanic” without suffering any consequences? If McConnell had been an atheist who called Christianity “pagan” and “satanic” or “stupid” and “evil” or something like that,…

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British actor Laurence Fox holds a rally for freedom of expression, he dares not name the enemies of freedom of expression

Laurence Fox is an actor who ran for the role of Mayor of London. You are defending freedom of expression and are protesting the masks. He loves multiculturalism and will not address the issues of multiculturalism. People say he let Sadiq Khan win the mayoral race because Fox got around 10,000 votes, and if he…

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