• July 30, 2021

Nintendo’s removed involvement with the Tokyo Olympics featured Lady Gaga entering Warp Pipe (update)

Update: The original post contains a minor error indicating that Lady Gaga was going to emerge from a Warp Pipe, however this was a slight translation error. Gaga, sporting a Mario hat, was actually going to enter a pipe remotely, while Naomi would emerge from a different pipe in Tokyo. See the image below via…

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Vanessa Williams to sing ‘Black National Anthem’ at Fourth Capitol Celebration

Vanessa Williams performs in Atlantic City, NJ, September 2015. (Mark Makela / Reuters) American actress and singer Vanessa Williams will perform the song “Lift Every Voice and Sing”, which has become known as the “black national anthem”, at the annual A fourth capitol televised celebration. Williams told the Associated Press that she will be honoring…

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Wings over Scotland | Trans greens are green

Racist and misogynistic midget Patrick Harvie is furious this week, which is always nice. It seems he really doesn’t like it. Because the reason for his anger is that he feels the Scottish Greens were denied two additional seats in last week’s election due to confusion over a party called the Independent Green Voice. The…

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