• August 13, 2021

Seat group poll: Liberals consolidate their lead

Innovative Research Group analysis shows key regional advantages for liberals. They could explain why Trudeau thinks he can win the majority. Why is Justin Trudeau preparing to call an election when most pollsters say he is not in majority territory? Perhaps it is madness that will lead to the ruin of the Liberals. Perhaps the…

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2021 Federal Elections: Meet Your Pollsters

This story was last updated on August 8, 2021 In his best-selling book Breaking the Quebec Code, Jean-Marc Léger wrote “Political polls represent about 1% of all my income, but they represent 99% of my problems”. So why do it then? For many market research firms, political polls serve as an efficient way to promote…

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More Americans Are Satisfied With Their Lives Now Than Before COVID-19, Gallup Poll Says – Reason.com

Yes, #CovidIsNotOver It can be a trend on social networks. Yet Americans seem to be happier than ever. Survey data published by Gallup this week they indicate that as of this summer, 59.2 percent of Americans are “thriving,” the highest percentage ever recorded in Gallup’s 13-year measurement. The most recent results, captured between June 14…

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