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  • August 24, 2021

Our new article on “Vaccine Passports as a Constitutional Right” –

My new article, “Vaccine Passports as Constitutional Right” (co-authored with Kevin Cope and Alex Stremitzer) now available in SSRN. It is also currently undergoing legal reviews. Here is the summary: Does the Constitution of the United States guarantee the right to a passport for vaccines? In the United States and elsewhere, vaccine passports have been…

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UK hotel quarantine rules challenged in court – POLITICO

Lawyers representing UK travelers are seeking a judicial review of British government policy requiring a 10-day hotel quarantine for those arriving from countries considered high-risk for coronavirus. PGMBM layers saying on Thursday the rules were not proportionate and hurt civil liberties. The UK currently requires travelers to spend 10 days in a hotel if they…

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England ‘tantalizingly close’ to easing lockdown restrictions, says Boris Johnson – POLITICO

England is “tantalizingly close” to easing most of its lockdown restrictions in a week, Boris Johnson said before a news conference on Monday in which he is expected to lay out the latest ideas from the government. The UK prime minister, who aims to end most of the coronavirus restrictions in England on July 19,…

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