• August 12, 2021

America is becoming more urban and more ethnically diverse, says Census Bureau – Reason.com

“The US population is much more multiracial and diverse than we have measured in the past,” saying Nicholas Jones, the Census Bureau’s director of race and ethnicity research, in a press release today. According to last year’s census data, whites are still the largest racial or ethnic group in the country. Around 204.3 million people…

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Were minorities disproportionately affected by COVID?

The claim that covid disproportionately impacted minority groups has been ubiquitous for more than a year. But it’s true? I decided to research using data from my own state, Minnesota. What I found may surprise you. This article is from the July issue of Thinking of Minnesota, which is now in the printer. The statistical…

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Republicans urged to ‘lean on’ the culture war of critical race theory – Reason.com

Critical race theory sells. “Lean on the culture war,” urges Rep. Jim Banks (R-Indiana) to members of a conservative group in the House of Representatives. If you thought American political discourse couldn’t get any dumber … Buckle up! In a memo sent to the Republican Study Committee on Thursday, Banks told colleagues that “we are…

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