• September 7, 2021

Best M82 equipment in Warzone Season 5

Looking for the best M82 equipment in Warzone? This heavy hitting semi-auto sniper rifle dates back to the Barret .50 from the original Modern Warfare trilogy and is a lot of fun in Warzone. It fills a completely unique niche in the sniper rifle class, splitting the difference in bullet speed between extreme range kings…

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Call of Duty Warzone developers ban more than 50,000 more players

Picture: Activision Call of Duty Warzone Developers Raven Software confirmed yesterday afternoon that more than 50,000 players were banned in the past week through two waves of bans that affected the popular online shooter. In a tweet posted on July 1On November 6, Raven Software explained that most of the 50,000 players who were kicked…

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