• August 3, 2021

The COVID model reflects a grim reality for which leaders must prepare

There’s no escaping the math: Australia’s envisioned path out of the pandemic means tens of thousands of COVID cases a day. Is anyone ready for that, including politicians? (Image: AAP / Mick Tsikas) Pandemic modelers offer no plausible scenario that does not imply Australia continues to endure lockdowns and mandatory use of masks and social…

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The Dark History of Ben Roberts-Smith’s Hidden Crusader Patch

An image of Ben Roberts-Smith wearing a Crusader patch on his military uniform has emerged, and it is a symbol that has a long and ugly history in far-right circles. An image of Ben Roberts-Smith with a crusader patch and artwork commemorating Australian soldiers from WWI (Images: Australian War Memorial; ADF) For an alleged war…

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young Australian workers excluded from emergency pay

Australians with youth allowance who have lost their jobs due to lockdowns say they are just surviving and are considering suspending their welfare payments because receiving them makes them ineligible for COVID-19 emergency payments from the federal government. With more than 10 million Australians now locked up, Prime Minister Scott Morrison expanded the disaster payout…

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