• August 9, 2021

Jupiter Hell, the DOOM Roguelike game

Picture: ChaosForge Remember that CONDEMN roguelikeThe one that Bethesda announced a cease and desist? Its creators reluctantly applied, but not before taking the spirit of that project and injecting it into a modern spiritual successor. That game is Jupiter Hell, it’s finally out of early access, and it’s very good. In case you forgot, the…

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Humanity removes Denuvo DRM even before its release

Picture: Humanity Humanity, one of my most anticipated games of 2021, was you’re going to have Denuvo acting as your Digital Rights Management (DRM). But after its developers found out that it was affecting performance, they took it straight. The strategy game, which is shaping up to be Of civilization first real competition in years,…

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Cage for when trading card matches get brutal

Card fighters can rumble in this cage. Picture: Numa @ Twitter Do you think collectible card games like Yu-Gi-Oh!, Duel masters, Y Pokemon they are gentleyou? Maybe for you they are! But that doesn’t mean that matches can’t get intense. Twitter user Numa saw this setup at a local card shop in Japan, used for…

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