• August 2, 2021

2K will announce a “new franchise” this month, and it’s likely from the developers of Civilization.

2K Games will have a new franchise to announce in August, and the game will launch on March 31, 2022. Parent company Take-Two revealed this during today’s financial earnings report, and the timeline matches what we expected. by Firaxis. the studio behind Civilization and modern XCOM games. “Later this month, 2K will reveal the details…

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Top-down tactical shooter Thunder Tier One to run another closed beta

Top-down shooters tend to be more stylish arcade experiences, but there’s no rule of thumb that says they should be. Thunder Tier One wants to show that you can have realistic-looking tactical action in a top-down action game, and you have a chance to try it out for yourself this weekend. Thunder Tier One, which…

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This modification of Civilization VI simplifies trading with “quick offers”

Sooner or later in any Civilization VI game, you will run into problems that have to do with having too much or too little of something. That’s where trading comes in, but that means calling all the rival leaders in the 4X game and finding out what kind of prices they are willing to offer…

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