• August 28, 2021

Rudy Giuliani did an interview to counter his declining reputation, but confirmed it.

When Russo mentioned how Giuliani seemed to have wasted what had been a mountain of goodwill after 9/11, Rudy probably said the only true thing he said throughout the interview: “I am aware of that. And what happened is, our country has been derailed … I am exactly the same person. Them change!” That’s true.…

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Donald Trump knows who’s a loser and he’s the American Olympic team plus the PURPLE HAIRED lady!

We disrupt our regularly scheduled practice of not giving a shit what Donald Trump says, because LOL wow, this is so sad: If our soccer team, led by a radical group of left-wing maniacs, hadn’t woken up, they would have won the gold medal instead of the bronze. Waking up means you lose, everything that…

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Loser Trump crawling up the walls and chewing on the furniture, he’s pretty cool

And now, a message From the former president of the GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD: No one had ever heard of some of these people who worked for me in DC. Suddenly, the Fake News starts calling them. Some of them, by no means all, feel emboldened, brave and, for the first…

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