• July 17, 2021

From Carl’s Jr. to a gay club, Oregon workers suffered from the heat this week in the war against workers.

Workers suffered during recent heat waves across the country, especially hitting the Pacific Northwest. We have discussed the need for heat protection for agricultural workers, but they are not alone. HuffPost’s Dave Jamieson watches the heat complaints to Oregon OSHA, finding that restaurant workers were particularly affected. According to a complaint from Carl’s Jr., “The…

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‘We don’t feel respected,’ Frito-Lay workers say as they strike over wages and long hours

Instead of hourly raises, recent contracts have offered workers flat-rate bonuses, Labor Notes reports, with wages that barely go up for many workers. Box drop technician Monk Drapeaux-Stewart said Labor Notes his salary had gone up just 77 cents in 12 years. The milk has risen. The meat has risen. Everything has gone up ”,…

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Democrats have a crazy idea: How about ending poverty for disabled and elderly Americans?

Yet another item out of the line from the Progressive Democratic Ideas Factory: Now that the monthly payments for the expanded Child Tax Credit in the American Rescue Plan are set to start reducing child poverty, how about we fix other parts of it as well. the social safety net? Also, how to increase the…

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