• August 28, 2021

The myth of negotiating with the Taliban

Some points. 1. The Taliban put the Haqqani Network, which was allied with Al Qaeda, in charge of security in Kabul and in charge of security at the airport. 2. The head of ISIS-K is a former commander of the Haqqani network 3. Afghan officials said the Haqqani network and ISIS-K are the same 4.…

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British Catholic weekly ‘The Tablet’ touts ‘Dante’s debt to Islam’

My last in PJ Media: In Dante’s “Divine Comedy”, according to an article published Thursday in the British Catholic weekly The tablet, “The prophet Muhammad, along with four popes, is depicted suffering the torments of hell.” However, as for The tablet Worries, the big news in this 700-year-old literary masterpiece is not that, but a…

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