• July 30, 2021

Summary of the week: the nativist right is losing control

They first faced the England team. Then they lost. And now, in their infinite wisdom, they are taking on the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI). They will lose that too. It seems that the nativist right, which for five years has dominated the debate in this country, is losing its touch. Much of this comes…

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Summary of the week: two years of Boris Johnson have corroded British public life

It is Boris Johnson’s second anniversary as Prime Minister and we are now well aware of his shortcomings. We met them when he took office. Is not telling the truth. It does not seem capable of maintaining a political principle. Prioritize personal interest over national. He is willing to foment division if it helps him…

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Summary of the week: even the emperor knows he has no clothes

The prime minister has no idea what he is doing. But worse than that: nobody is even surprised. We all know it, from top ministers to political reporters to the guy sitting on the couch watching the news. And yet we continue to participate in this charade, of acting as if Boris Johnson has a…

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