• December 2, 2021

South Korea’s App Store law is a grand experiment | Opinion

Rob fahey Contributing editor Friday, September 3, 2021 Share this article It may not be an especially large market for the games industry in general, but time and time again South Korea has proven to be a market that it ignores at its own risk. It is often ahead of the global curve, and for…

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Niantic changes the interaction distance between the PokéStop and the Pokémon GO gym (again)

Image: Niantic / Pokémon GO Earlier this month, Pokemon go Developer Niantic announced that it would assemble a special “task force” to address player concerns about interaction distance. In its latest post via social media, Niantic has shared a brief update on the situation. While the task force’s plans are still scheduled for September 1,…

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Niantic Assembles a Pokémon GO “Task Force” to Address Player Concerns

Picture: Niantic / Pokémon GO Following from Pokemon go Players threatening to boycott the popular mobile game, Niantic has now officially responded to complaints about the reversal of the interaction distance between PokéStop and Gym in the United States and New Zealand. In a lengthy message, the developer says it has “listened to feedback” from…

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